Yuri reports to Dr. Crombel about their failure and Kalvin's death; the reason being further enhancement of M-21 and Takeo as well as the presence of two strong nobles, one having used a soul weapon. Dr. Crombel does not blame Yuri for the failure since both the enhancement of M-21 and Takeo and movement of the nobles were unpredicted. He tells Yuri to remain in hiding from other Elders and to not provoke Frankenstein & team for the time being. 

At Frankenstein's residence, Frankenstein is furious upon hearing that the school grounds being damaged. Tao tries to pacify relating how they and the KSA jointly hushed up the situation from the public. He has closed the school until they get it back to normal condition. Frankenstein then asks him what he has found out about the attackers. Tao confirms they are operating under Crombel's sole command and belong to his Assassination squad - the same that Mary and Jake were part of. Even Yuri is originally working under Crombel's orders. Everything hints that Crombel has been conducting his own movement within the Union . At Tao's inquiry, M-21 discloses that the current M-24's battle style, strength and aura was totally different from the previous. Tao assumes M-24 is also an assassin working as imposter although the confusion remains for the presence of previous M-24's memories.

Just then Tao receives a call from the hospital where the children are admitted. Frankenstein hurries to his master to convey him the news of the children having gained consciousness.

The children wake up to find themselves in the hospital. Rai, the Principal and their "Ajussis" have come to visit them. Tao asks if they remember anything before they became unconscious. Shinwoo answers they all felt dizzy while walking on the road from school. Then Tao makes up a story of nearby gas leakage having poisoned them. Seira and Regis arrives with meals and the children help themselves. Regis feels relieved seeing the children healthy. Seira asks Shinwoo if he is okay and he affirms it with a smile which Seira returns. Ik-han suddenly asks Rai if they had scared him when all of them dropped unconscious. Other children also feel the same about Rai being scared and all of them ask him not to worry. Rai gets emotional and turns his face to hide himself from being caught blushing. 
Rai blush

Rai caught blushing

Rai walks out of the room but is followed by Frankenstein who has noticed his master's expression. The trio couldn't grip what is going on but both Seira and Regis affirms they have felt that Rai has been going through anxiety. The children confirms they can tell it with a glance at his face that he was worrying about them.

At the lobby Rai relates to Frankenstein about his wish to go to a certain place. They arrive at the school grounds and Rai sadly watches it lying in a destroyed state. Frankenstein condoles him saying they would get it fixed asap. He once again tells him why he founded the school - for Rai to experience ordinary, peaceful life when he is found. Rai had been aware of this intention and thus confesses his feelings to his loyal follower: To you... I am always grateful. 

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