Rael hands over the antidote to the trio and is about to draw out his soul weapon to kill them too. However, he is stopped by Tao. Tao pointed out that there was little honor in killing three wounded people so much weaker than he, and neither Rajak nor Raziel would be pleased by his actions. Annoyed, Rael left.

Elsewhere, Frankenstein is now fully consumed by his dark weapon and after finishing off the 8th Elder, he attacks all other elders simultaneously. He charges at Urokai while Zarga aims an assault from behind. Rajak takes care of that and Frankenstein aims at Urokai once more. This time, Urokai brings out his soul weapon reminiscing about the 'unfinished thing' he has to settle with Frankenstein. He recalls what Frankenstein did to him back in Lukedonia that resulted in losing his left eye. It is time to settle scores and he fights Frankenstein to take vengeance upon him.

The 5th Elder stops the 6th Elder midway and warns him from taking her opponent away. Although pissed off, the 6th Elder steps back while the battle between Frankenstein and the 5th Elder resumes. Both are keeping on par with each other when suddenly Frankenstein bursts out in a cry with glares streaming out of his eyes. As others stand as mere spectators, Urokai impales Frankenstein with his soul weapon.

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