Rael hurls abusive words at the modified humans who dared utter Seira's name. He decides to deal with Mark, Yuri and Kalvin first and then get rid of the others. Although surprised at the visit of this unexpected Noble, M-21 and Takeo feel a bit relieved. Kalvin starts the fight, shooting his poison at Rael who simply avoids and stabs him with his bare hand. Kalvin and Yuri judge him to be slow, leading Rael to pay them back for underrating the speed of a Kertia clan noble. Although realizing the potential of a noble, Yuri deems he won't be able to take on the three of them. Tao intervenes through the communicating device which Regis gives to Rael. Tao tells Rael his own version of what Yuri has said about Seira. Hearing about the things Yuri supposedly said, Rael's anger level rises and he decides to kill the three, bringing out his Grandia. Yuri decides on team attack to bring the noble down but all of them end up receiving brutal gashes from Rael and his soul weapon. Rael then asks for identification of the one called Yuri.

Elsewhere, the transformed 5th Elder clearly outmatches Frankenstein and is bringing him down. Frankenstein gets cuts all over him without managing to land any of his attacks on her. His weapon starts consuming him and a head on clash with his opponent literally brings him down. The 5th also gets a gash on her shoulder and seems to be enjoying the fight. She complements Frankenstein and so does Zarga since he manages to keep up with her this long is a feat in itself. Just then another visitor appears: the 6th Elder enters the battle area!

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