The school building has turned into a battling premise as Takeo and Regis join and take on Yuri and Kalvin. Since the children have been poisoned, the only thing the RK team can do now is to finish off the ones responsible. Regis proves to be a tough call for Kalvin while Takeo surprises Yuri with his attacks after taking enhancement pills. One of Takeo's attacks tear Yuri's shirt making him angry. Meanwhile, M-24 aka Mark attacks M-21 who receives the blow and is surprised at such a powerful attack and such speed.

Elsewhere, Frankenstein's sudden 'throwing' of Dark Spear impales and injures the 8th Elder and the weapon slowly starts to absorb him. The 5th Elder, unable to stand watching anymore, engages herself in a fight with Frankenstein. She outmatches him in terms of speed: evading his attacks and landing a slash on him from behind. He summons his weapon and attacks her head on. However, she manages to block and repel the attack. Then she transforms to her full werewolf form. 

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