The chapter begins with M-21 fighting with Kalvin, Mark and Yuri. After a brief fight, Kalvin reveals that rescuing the children is useless as he had already poisoned them. M-21 gets angry on this and lands a powerful attack.

On the other side of city Frankenstein is surprised about the 8th Elder's power. The 8th Elder continues his fight with Rajak in his true form. His energy shield is proved useful against Rajak's power. Frankenstein realizes that the Elder is not getting weak rather becoming more powerful with Rajak's attack and his most dangerous trait: attacking instantly regardless of injuries. But Rajak's speed and skill compensate for his incomplete power (due to incomplete Soul Weapon) gradually giving him the upper-hand.

The 5th Elder plans a sneak attack to get rid of Rajak. However, before she can make her move, the 8th Elder finds himself impaled with the Dark Spear. As all others stand with dead blank faces, Frankenstein states his excuse with a grin that he just let go of his weapon being sick of holding it!

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