Seira lands with blood dripping profusely from her recent wounds which are inflicted by the 8th Elder's sneak attack while she has been fighting Zarga. The 5th Elder chides him for having too little manners despite his great power. Zarga finds it shameful to fight a young and injured opponent and is about to retreat. But Seira comments it ironical for someone who could betray his pride as a noble to find shame in such a petty thing. Zarga calls her stupid like her father to continue battling even after knowing that it would result in loss. At the mention of her father, Seira becomes furious but recalls what Frankenstein said during the training. Losing composure can affect the powers of nobles immensely since it's something they are not accustomed to dealing. Seira quickly collects her composure. At this, the 5th Elder complements her. The battle between Seira and Zarga resumes.

Zarga keeps on flinging his chained weapon at Seira who is occupied in evading and counter-attacking. She evades one such attack and gets the tip of her scythe into the chain and hurls Zarga's own weapon at him. He manages to control the boomeranged attack. Next Seira attempts a close range attack by closing in on Zarga with speed while keeping his weapon stable by the end of her scythe's staff. This time Zarga shoots her with his energy beam. Then he prepares a more powerful attack with his weapon, rotating it in blinding speed. Seira receives a direct hit from Zarga's soul weapon.

Back at home, Tao finds the security system at school not working and contacts Takeo to plant sensors once they enter the school. He also makes it clear to M-21 not to brood over what he should have done and prepare for the toughest step in order to save the children: kill M-24.

At the school, the children are poisoned by Mark who has borrowed some from Kalvin's stock. Kalvin finds it a bit sad to kill the pretty girls though. Suddenly Yuri announces that they have arrived.

In the battle grounds Seira is still standing which is, according to the 5th Elder, a feat in itself since Zarga has used his true power. This time the 8th Elder gets excited and shots a full energy beam at an already injured Seira despite the forbiddings of the 5th Elder.
Franky saving Seira

Frankenstein saving Seira from 8th Elder's attack.

A voice follows the impact, calling them bastards. As the smoke clears, the three Elders gape at the guy who has entered carrying Seira on his arms: Frankenstein.

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