Tao does some research on M-24's misdeeds and relates to everyone of the household (other than Frankenstein) how M-24 disabled security cameras set by him, used a program to erase all data after copying them. Regis questions M-21 what he would do when he finds M-24. M-21 thinks to himself and comes to a conclusion that he can never forgive M-24.

At the new lab, Frankenstein has been setting up the place, arranging and restoring important data. He is intruded upon by the rest. They walk up to him, briefly inquire about Rai's condition, and ask him to make them stronger and also to train them. Mentioning that Frankenstein is the only one in the world with battle experience of fighting stronger opponents than himself and triumphing over, they manage to convince him to train them. Seira wishes to join in too. Frankenstein arranges for a training spot and decide they'll be going in groups. He asks Seira to stay behind and look after his master and the house until the training of the first group (comprising of Tao, Takeo, M-21 and Regis) is completed.

The group of five board Frankenstein's private helicopter and starts for the training camp spot: Frankenstein's Island. After reaching, they land on the helipad in front of another lab located there. The trainees decline their trainers proposal of getting refreshed first and set on starting train the first thing. M-21 offers to fight first but Frankenstein suggests a 4-1 face-off. As soon as it starts, the four young trainees find themselves impaled with Frankenstein's spears.

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