Impaled with Frankenstein's Dark Spear and now slowly being eaten by it, Muar pleads Frankenstein call back his weapon at any cost and also agrees to answer all questions. Seeing that the 11th Elder might start speaking, the 10th Elder aims a shot. However, a dark power absorbs it as well as the 11th Elder within. Frankenstein makes an excuse saying that he summoned such power only to defend against 'the great 10th Elder'.

Frankenstein's power frightens Rostere and he deems it'll be troublesome to face both him and Seira since the other elder is dead now. However, Seira assures him that she will be the only opponent in this battle. So, Frankenstein steps out of it and Rostere becomes overconfident of defeating Seira alone. Both attack each other with Rostere blocking all of Seira's attacks and Seira evading his. Regis gets worried to see Seira being pushed back. One of Rostere's attacks hits Seira and her sleeves get torn out. Frankenstein assumes she is trying to gain battle experience and feeling. Just then, Rostere aims another power beam from his horn but Seira lets out an enigmatic smile. She spins her scythe and emerges as the Grim Reaper. One massive blow of her Death Scythe slices the building and road into halves as well as landing a massive gash on Rostere. He cannot believe that he is being defeated by a brat (as he calls Seira) and threatens all that the Union will never let any of them get away alive and Lukedonia will have to pay. Frankenstein reveals that Union would have tried to take control of the country anyway and using the situation as an excuse is just pathetic.

Rostere thinks of a getaway plan: hiding among normal humans so that nobles would not attack him there. As he jumps to flee, to everyone's surprise, a Blood Field traps him. He turns to look down and sees Rai standing there; he is unable to believe that there is another being present who is even stronger than the other two fighters. Rai chides Rostere's insolent plan of attempting to use humans as shield. Then he brings Rostere crashing down with a slight movement of his fingers for daring to continue looking down at him. The inevitable awaits before him…

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