The chapter starts with a flashback where Seira is standing alone in the Loyard mansion's garden. Gejutel arrives with the news of the eternal slumber of her father and his own son who had gone out to help humans. It was a trap set by treacherous clan-leaders to draw other noble clan leaders out. He declares her as the new clan leader of the Loyard clan despite her being underage.

It is this underage clan leader who is facing Rostere, 10th elder of the Union who was involved in the incident of her father's death. Rostere hurls insulting words at her but Seira simply asks him to cut short and start fighting. Frankenstein complements her on the well-managed behavior and she blushes. The fight begins and Seira somersaults, landing gashes on Rostere and cutting off his mustache. She also receives a cut on her cheek. Frankenstein complements her once more.

Then Seira invites Rostere to attack her with his full powers as she herself draws out the Death Scythe. Seeing the changed aura of his opponent, Rostere transforms into his full form. Seira does the somersaults again, this time, striking with her soul weapon as she spins. But Rostere manages to block Seira's Death Scythe and attacks with a power beam shot from his horn. Seira evades but Frankenstein deems that it will not be an easy fight for her.

While Frankenstein has been busy watching over Seira, he is struck by a furious Muar. Massive amount of blood spill out of the long gash he has received. Muar prepares for his fatal blow but ends up receiving it as a much savage Frankenstein impales Muar with his Dark Spear. As Dark Spear starts to consume Muar, Frankenstein sarcastically comments that Dark Spear must have fallen for him.

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