Seeing Frankenstein summon the Dark Spear, the 12th Elder is surprised but he is still confident of his chances of winning because he has gained power from Roctis. Frankenstein concludes that Roctis went and hid in the Union after betraying the Nobles. The Elder is shocked and questions about how Frankenstein knows about Roctis, to which Frankenstein replies that he is someone whom he has to kill, angering the Elder. The Elder starts attacking Frankenstein by firing energy beams, which Frankenstein blocks using Dark aura .

The Elder starts flying to gain an advantage, but Frankenstein uses Dark matter as thin projectiles and aims it at the Elder, thus pushing him back. He, then, uses Dark Spear to double slash the Elder. In order to prevent close combat, Elder starts flying even higher and shoots continous energy beams, which Frankenstein initially dodges but the multiple beams cause a huge blast. While the Elder is still celebrating, he is hit by Dark matter projectiles and crashes down on the building. Elder tries to fly again and shoots at Frankenstein to prevent him from closing but all the attacks are dodged. Frankenstein then causes a huge attack which Elder manages to dodge but is caught by Frankenstein, who holds him from his neck and throws him up in the air. He then launches large number of projectiles, injuring the Elder badly, who can't believe he is losing. When Frankenstein starts turning more violent, Rai calls him to calm down. Seeing this chance, the Elder rushes to Rai and takes him hostage. Yonsu is shocked and calls it dirty but Regis, Seira, M-21 and even Rai himself are in disbelief by the turn of the events.

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