The combined attack of Tao and Takeo manages to weaken Lutai . Unable to bear up with the fact that he's on the point of losing, Lutai uses his last desperate move, rotating at maximum speed, creating a form like a spinning top and destroying all that is on his way. Takeo risks his life playing the decoy and uses his own enhanced speed to make a head on collision to stop the spinning danger. With Lutai brought to a halt, Tao plunges in him a spear like thing created from his wires and electrocutes him gathering all the electricity of the area. While Lutai lies there, defeated, Tao and Takeo hurry off to aid their other two teammates.

Yuri, who has been observing the fight all along, steps into the side of the fallen body, expressing his astonishment to see Tao and Takeo defeating a Cerberus member and wondering what has caused their abilities to improve so substantially. But a sudden plea for help reveals that his neighbour is not dead yet. Yuri ironically assures Lutai of near death and treats him to some last moment dreadful tidings. The current mission has been full of rewards as he has been successful is procuring two Cerberus bodies for Dr. Crombel. He also sent a false report to the 12th Elder telling KSA refused to hand over authority while Cerberus just waited and the news compelled the impatient elder to come in person. By now, the elder, with a nasty temper that he has, will have destroyed KSA headquarters and might be on his way to join the ongoing battle as Yuri has deliberately given him directions. In the end, all will turn out to be a chaos in which Cerberus and the 12th elder himself are involved and the Union won't turn a blind eye on either. Thus having described his original mission, Yuri gets ready to kill Lutai on whom he has bestowed the knowledge of his brilliance.

Meanwhile, the two-on-two fight proves challenging enough to Regis and M-21, who, albeit on verge of winning before, are the ones receiving damage with the arrival of Rodin . Regis is stripped off his partner who now has no other option than facing Ked alone. M-21 receives blows but knowing that his opponent is also weakened, waits for a single chance to land a powerful blow to finish him. The sudden arrival and attack of Yonsu creates the diversion he was waiting for and M-21 slashes Ked with all he has. The two of them drop, marking the end of their fight.

Rai and Frankenstein are on their way to the battle zone and the latter is resolved to keep his master from using powers at any cost.

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