While Na Yonsu is going to the site of the battle in her car, there is suddenly a loud bang on the top of her car, which makes here drop her cellphone. She stops the car and is surprised to see an injured An Sangeen. He tells her that he just saw her while passing by and asks her where was she headed. She explains him about the battle going on and informs him that other agents have also gone to the site of the battle. Sangeen gets worried that even M-21 and others can't take on all the agents of Cerberus and tells Yonsu to hurry up.

At the battle scene, Tao is fighting Lutai. He attacks using wires from below the agent but is dodged and the agent shoots beams from his hands. When the smoke clears, Tao is till standing there with his body covered with wires. The agent moves around the building to attack but Tao dodges and then counterattacks by capturing the agent with wires. The body of the agent is covered with wires and he is continously electrocuted. Tao is still wondering about the outcome that the agent reveals his true form with a chainsaw on his one hand and a blade on the other hand. He believes that Tao is Dr. Crombel's creation and then attacks him, easily overpowering him.

In the other battle, M-21 is losing against Ked. He continues fighting and scratches the body suit of Ked but is continously pummeled. Takeo on the other hand gets worried after getting no response from M-21. Seeing explosions in both M-21 and Tao's battles, Takeo gets confused for who he should help. He hears a voice through the communication device telling him to go and assist Tao. The Cerberus agent fighting M-21 is about to attack him but is suddenly attacked. Regis, wearing a mask like others, enters M-21's battle and apologises for being late..

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