Na Yonsu drives fast to reach the battle scene. She has no other option than to use car at a time like this as she's supposed to act as an ordinary human. She gets minute report on the battle the area of which seems to be broadening. It's lucky that there aren't many civilians at this early hour. She commands to cordon the area and forbid anyone to go within. She also tells the KSA agents to evacuate.

Meanwhile, Tao has been discovered while M-21 faces his opponent in true form. Tao disconnects the communicator since he has his own battle to fight now. His opponent doesn't know his identity but takes a liking to his personality. With the chitty-chatties all over, they start to fight. Both Tao and M-21 try their hardest to defeat their opponents but their attacks are of no avail. They take serious blows from their opponents. Takeo cannot withstand seeing his helpless friends and rushes for aid.

On the other hand, Rai learns from Frankenstein that the trio has gone to rescue a KSA agent. Hearing that Tao and others are fighting Cerberus, Rai wonders if they can handle the fight. Frankenstein ascertains it'll not be easy to defeat them. But knowing that the trio are fighting to protect the lives they've built here, Rai wants to do the same rather than embrace the easy option of leaving the place.

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