The top of the building collapses under M-21's attack and Sangeen is stunned to witness such power. However, the Cerberus member emerges from the wreckage, unscathed with only his clothes destroyed. M-21 tells Sangeen to make a run for it while he stays there to fight. Sangeen, initially is hesitant but obliges and the fight begins. It's a combined attack of Takeo and M-21 versus the Cerberus member: M-21 keeps him engaged in close combat while Takeo helps his comrade, shooting the opponent with special bullets that would affect his nerves and Tao gives precise direction to both of them. The cumulative attack is supposed to bring down the enemy when he loses his cool and yields clumsier moves. Their plan seems to be working and M-21 finds it a wonder that someone like him, who was a failed experiment can keep up with the likes of a Cerberus member. He charges to an all out attack and demolishes another building but this time too, the Cerberus member comes out safely. But this time, he changes to his true form and to add more to it, the other Cerberus member finds Tao.

Meanwhile, Yuri has just received message that the 12th Elder is coming. They also get the news of a downtown fight and assume it's the doing of their absent teammates: Ked and Lutai. But for the fight to be noticed means that their opponents are also very skilled. So, the remaining members of Cerberus depart to sort out the trouble before the arrival of the Elder.

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