An Sangeen, while running from the Cerberus agents wonders if he has lost them, only to be surprised to see them next to him. The Cerberus members sarcastically compliment his speed. In order to escape, he suddenly stops while they keep moving and attacks them using energy blades. One of the members easily destroys all the blades using his punches and destroys a large area along with it. They decide amongst themselves for who is going to fight An Sangeen.

An Sangeen attacks with more of his blades but to no avail as they are knocked down and there are more blasts due to punches of Cerberus guy. An Sangeen launches a huge rain of punches to destroy the ground and create an opening. He attacks from behind but is easily caught and punched away. He is in a very critical state and is about to be killed when suddenly 2 metal balls fall near both Cerberus members and give them a huge electric shock. M-21 grabs a hold of An Sangeen and takes him away. As Cerberus tries to catch up with them, Takeo snipes at their legs. Finally M-21 jumps high in the air and attack at a full speed upside down, causing a huge explosion on the building.

At their home, Frankenstein serves Rai with tea. Rai while drinking it, suddenly flinches, worrying Frankenstein who asks if he is okay. Rai tells him that the tea is bitter and asks him to add some sugar.

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