Yonsu and Sangeen drive back to their headquarters and report to the doctor about the latest unexpected event. The doctor is shocked to hear that Yonsu has used even a little bit of her strength when members of the Union are present in Korea, worried that the incident might lead to the exposure of their experiments. He is furthermore taken aback to hear that the human Yonsu has fought with stopped her with just one hand. He thinks it best to exterminate the witness to conceal the exposure of Yonsu's superhuman ability but his experimentees disagree; they persuade the doctor that they are yet unsure whether M-21 has noticed Yonsu's superhuman power. It all settles with the doctor ordering Sangeen to watch M-21. Meanwhile, in the Director's office, Yuri and the members of Cerberus make it clear that they will not reveal the reason of their mission in Korea. They threaten to take control of the entire KSA to fulfill their requirements for investigation.

On the other hand, at Frankenstein's Residence, M-21 faces a reproachful Frankenstein who comments, accompanied by his sadistic grin, about not using two hands instead to stop Yonsu in order to avoid suspicion. Rai suddenly comes to M-21's rescue, telling everyone that Frankenstein used to cause even more trouble in the past, with some of those incidents even leading The Clan Leaders to complain to Rai. At this, Frankenstein feels somewhat embarrassed, being reminded of his disorderly younger self.

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