Yonsu resolved herself to teach M-21 a lesson and stop his interference in her KSA recruitment mission. Sangeen makes a half-hearted attempt to dissuade her from getting in a fight with M-21 until she assures him that this is not a matter of her temper getting the better of her. Instead it's a rational decision. She believes their mission is important, and M-21 is getting in the way, so she feels the right course of action is to force him to step aside. Sangeen reluctantly lets her go and she begins.

The fight takes an unexpected turn when she discovers that M-21 is more than a match for her. Realizing she can't win without using her superhuman abilities, Yonsu allows herself to put a bit of extra strength into one of her punches. However, M-21 blocks that punch one-handed which stuns both Yonsu and Sangeen. Just then, Tao and Takeo arrive and their arrival breaks up the fight. The agents decide it's best to leave for now given the confusing nature of recent events.

Tao, Takeo, and M-21 report to Frankenstein in the chairman's office. Tao tries to explain that Yonsu was the aggressor but Frankenstein considers the root cause to be M-21's "Nasty Temper".

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