A meeting is called, and the thirteen Elders of the Union assemble in order to reprimand one of them: the 12th Elder, whose recent activities have been creating many problems. He is questioned about his latest action, sending his personal guards, Cerberus, to South Korea. Their presence is deemed troublesome since such a strong military force would create chaos in that country and possibly reveal the existence of the Union. While the 12th Elder is being chided for his imprudence, the newest member of the Elders appears on screen: Dr. Crombel, who is greeted and asked for his opinion on the current issue, much to the 12th Elder's dismay (he hates Crombel and is investigating Crombel's activities). However, this arch nemesis supports his adversary (in the hopes that his foe will make another blunder and self-destruct) in front of the council, and they support the newest Elder's opinion cordially.

Meanwhile, the elite guards (Cerebrus) of the 12th Elder investigate the battle site and come to the conclusion that such a big crater could only be created by the crossing of two formidable forces. The four members of Cerberus wonder if it was the same force that was responsible for the losses of Dr. Aris and the DA-5. Yuri, although he knows of such a force, does not reveal it to his teammates and decides to use the KSA for their investigation.

Na Yonsu and An Sangeen from the KSA head to Ye Ran High School to plead with the Principal, as ordered by their director. When they reach the school, M-21 stops them from entering, and this time Sangeen fails to impede Yonsu. A possible clash awaits us as the two hot-tempered characters come face-to-face.

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