An Sangeen and Na Yonsu heads toward Ye Ran High School to see the candidates for recruitment. They have gathered info that this prestigious school provides students with many facilities and is not so expensive considering the standard. The headmaster of the school is also the chairman. Their boss have ordered them not to offend the guy under any circumstance as he has connections with higher-ups in the government. They deduce that the headmaster will be an old, rich man. When they reach the main gate, they are told to park coming through the back gate by the janitor. Suddenly three men are spotted by Sangeen. The one with piercing, grey eyes stares at him for sometime and Sangeen does the same. Sangeen assumes that those three must be the special security group the school is said to have. As they drive away from the main gate, Tao asks M-21 why he has been staring at that guy and M-21 replies that it's nothing. Yonsu and Sangeen meets with the headmaster and are quite shocked to see a handsome face instead of an aged one. Principal Lee, who has been informed beforehand about their coming by a formal letter from the government, welcomes them. The two make a briefing that the government wants to make assessments on the students to handpick young talents and nurture them so that they can be put to good works later. The headmaster grants them permission to make assessments confidentially. As they take their leave, he wonders why enhanced humans are sent by the government to his school. Later at home, he conveys the news to everyone. He adds that he cannot reject this offer without strong, valid reason. So everyone has to be careful. He tells Tao to check on the modified humans, Takeo to observe their moves and Seira and Regis to abstain from acting under any circumstance. Frankenstein also says that it is only by an acute observation that he has been able to sense that those two are modified humans. Tao recalls that M-21 stared at the guy for quite some time and asks him why he did that. M-21 tells that he had a strange feeling from that guy back then. At this, Tao comments that M-21 has developed to pick up scents since he has werewolf's heart and he might be turning into a werewolf!