Tao, Takeo and M-21 discuss the improvements of their abilities and experience gathered from their recent head-on combat with Rael. Although it didn't go well, they had opportunity to try combined attacks. Tao also remarks that amongst the three of them, M-21 seems to be the fastest in improving. Tao further suggests that they need to improve combinations as they cannot gain strength and power that fast. While they discuss in the beach-like setting they have put up, the figure of Frankenstein clad in labcoat crops up in an odd way to remind that they are actually inside 'his' lab. After they have had their regular check-ups, they ask Frankenstein if he's really a human. Frankenstein replies in an obvious manner that he is and it's a wonder they hadn't known.

Later the trio clean up the lab and on their way meet Rai who is seen sitting in a dark room studying really hard (wonder why he didn't put on the lights ~ forgotten due to intense study or not knowing how to). They leave him undisturbed and meet in the balcony. M-21 thinks he's the weakest one in the team, not being able to strike the decisive blow. Tao condoles him saying that they couldn't defeat Rael because of the absence of their ace member: Regis. Meanwhile, the newcomers are seen in a monitoring room, the woman checking if there's any data on the day of the incidence (explosion) but finds none. The man reminds her that the higher-ups have ordered them to do nothing. He further warns her that any pestering might reveal to the public that enhanced experiments are going on in their very own country. However, she is determined to know what has caused this explosion.

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