Rael is missing and it seems that he had taken the chance of all the confusion during the invasion to escape. Gejutel explains that Rael, unaware of the previous Lord's intentions and having kept his soul weapon hidden all this time might have been afraid of his brother's reaction now that it is disclosed. Even the clan leaders are finding it hard to acclimatize with the current situation and Rael is but only a confused child. Then the Lord comes and takes her seat. The humans have assured that the invasion was not ordered. If they meant war, there would have been larger array of fleets. However, an attempt for invasion is reason enough to enrage the Lukedonia sovereignty. But Gejutel informs her that they cannot take any harsher step due to the fact that Rael also caused disturbance in the human world not long ago. Its scale was such which can't be covered up. Humans are being cautious, i.e. they are watching the nobles carefully. It signifies that the human strength has gone beyond the expectations of the nobles. Back in the human world, it's a peaceful day and Suyi is sharing with Shinwoo and others what happened after they had left studio the other day. The people were making quite a fuss over Rai, Regis and Seira. Regis who had used mind control over the people back then, realizes that it wasn't that strong. Besides, no one can resist the elegance of the Noblesse, not even Young-In Sunbae who's famous for being grumpy. She even asked Suyi to call her 'Unni'. Mr. Park comes to break off the discussion. He warns his students to stay cautious because of the recent incidents: murders and explosions. The explosion that everyone's talking about is no other than the huge scale destruction caused by Rael and Frankenstein before going to Lukedonia. There emerges two new faces...

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