The Central Order use mind control to take them away and Gejutel comes to visit Frankenstein. He thanks him for handing them over rather than killing them and Frankenstein tells him not to worry as it didn't prove to be hard. Gejutel finds this amusing and asks him whether the soldiers shot their guns inside the mansion and if there was any bullet holes made. Frankenstein laughs awkwardly to agree to Gejutel's predictions. In Frankenstein's memory, the soldiers shot their guns upwards, creating holes in the ceiling, which enraged Frankenstein. Then Tao quickly hit them hard from behind to cause them to faint and stares down at them, saying that they will one day thank him.

Then Gejutel and Frankenstein discuss about the potential reasons why the fleet may have decided to invade Lukedonia and Frankenstein suggests that the fleet probably acted without asking the Union. Then Frankenstein turns more serious and demands Gejutel to reveal his actual reason for visiting him. Gejutel stays silent and Frankenstein asks him whether he came to check on his master's state. Gejutel asks him hesitantly how Rai is and Frankenstein becomes enraged but decided not to blame Gejutel, as he probably caused this for the good of the Nobles and as Rai wanted to come back to Lukedonia. He then tells Gejutel that he will never forget about this incident. Gejutel suggests that Rai enters hibernation but Frankenstein reveals that Rai didn't want to.

Frankenstein enters the dining room to see Rai and Raskreia enjoying a meal of ramen noodles. Raskreia at first thinks that Rai is trying to kill her (chopsticks = little wooden stakes, kimchi=garlic, etc.) but after Seira's explanation, she becomes interested. After that, Rai and RK-5 return to Ye Ran High School, leaving ramen as a present to the Lord. The children are delighted to see the return of Rai, Regis, Seira, Tao, Takeo and M-21 and this rounds off Volume 03.

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