Having entered the Lukedonian water, the 8th fleet blows off the guard posts on the island's coast. The captain of the fleet, who has spent a long time surveiling the invisible island, thinks it has a rather poor defense for the ones believed to be rulers of the world. According to him, it is time for human to rule and he wants to be the one conquering Lukedonia to establish the 8th fleet in good stands within the organization. As he chalks out his plan, Ludis Mergas reaches the spot of assault. The navy notices his appearance and inform their captain who considers him as a monster kid and commands to open fire at him. But to their surprise, even rounds of shots from 127 mm naval gun fail to hurt the so-called monster kid. Ludis draws out Izarok as more shots from all the warships come to greet him. Seeing that he is still standing unscathed, the captain commands all units to fire and destroy Lukedonia. This time Ludis creates an impenetrable energy barrier. It neutralizes the fleet's barrage and Lukedonia remains untouched. This sends shiver down their spines. But wonders are yet to come. They become dumbfounded when they lose sight of the monster kid and within a moment find him on their very own ship. Ludis, infuriated because the humans not only dared to invade Lukedonia but also attacked his Central Order knights, now goes in a head-on attack. Within an hour, the news of complete annihilation of the 8th fleet reaches Dr. Crombel. He considers it good to know that Lukedonia is still a force to reckon with and waits for news from his informers. Meanwhile, Ludis comes to the castle to inform the Lord that he has annihilated the warships but a few trained survivors have entered the grounds of Lukedonia whom the Central Order are unable to pursue as they are in the forbidden area. They have entered 'his' mansion to shake off the pursuers. Meanwhile, the armed men enter right into the room (where Rai is still having a cup of tea) in hopes of capturing noble hostages, ignorant of their fate...

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