In this chapter the previous Lord's message is shown, wherein he explains the reason for his and the old clan leaders' eternal sleep: they felt the world was changing and since the Nobles were remained unchanged for thousands of years, he and old Clan Leaders had decided that was time for the younger generation of Nobles to take over. The previous Lord explains that he has lived for several thousands of years, during which he watched the humans live and constantly changing, enough to wonder why and at the same time he noticed that after all those years of immutability, also the nobles were beginning to change enough to bring him to decide that the time had come for him to enter into eternal sleep and leave the younger generations leading their race. The wish of the previous Lord and old clan leaders was that their children lived according to their choices and not according to the fate imposed by pedigree and by blood, they didn't want that their children followed necessarily in their footsteps. However, to avoid confusion, the previous Lord asked to Gejutel not to enter the eternal sleep and remain to guide his daughter (the current Lord) and the new generation of Nobles.

The previous Lord also explains the reason of why Ragnarok was left in Rai's shrine and it is revealed that the previous Lord wanted Rai to be the Lord, even against his will, because he wanted his daughter was not bound by a heavy responsibility embracing freedom and desired that Rai escape the fate of The Noblesse because it seems that the life of the Noblesse is even harder than that of the Lord. The Previous Lord fully knowing Rai's character knew that Rai would choose his responsibilities rather than freedom. He also says that Rai should take his time before reaching him into the eternal sleep, asking him to protect his daughter and new generations of Nobles. After this, the current Lord pardons Seira and Gejutel and says to Gejutel that she still need his guidance and support even if he doesn't acknowledge her as Lord. Gejutel agrees, so do the other clan leaders. Then she asks Rai if he wants to become the Lord as her father wished because this is now also become her will and decision, but he declines saying that she is the Lord and this is what she must remain, and he is The Noblesse and this is what he must be.

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