A dumbfounded Regis stares at his rescuers who are none other than Tao, Takeo and M-21. He wants to know why are they calling themselves by numbers instead of name. Since there isn't much time for answering, Tao simply tells him to call numbers in public places. Then they head for the mansion as No. 4 (M-21) clears out the way while No.2 (Takeo) covers their back.

While the newly founded RK team make their getaway, Rael brings the news of intruders in Forbidden Area to his brother and Gejutel. He also shares a piece of interest with Gejutel that Regis is probably among the intruders. At this, both Gejutel and Rajak are startled. Rael, now quite enjoying the startling effect he has created, lets out that a mansion is visible in the Forbidden Area which wasn't there before. Nothing could be more surprising to Gejutel. He assumes that this means Regis is present with the other two (Rai and Frankenstein) as nothing else but the presence of master can make the mansion visible. With tension in the air, a messenger comes to inform Rajak that the Lord wants to see Gejutel immediately.

Meanwhile, Regis and the others find themselves in front of Rai and Frankenstein where the latter expresses his surprise at seeing the trio there. As Tao relates what they have done to come, Frankenstein tells them it's not a wise decision to come to Lukedonia which is the least likely to welcome modified humans. They say that they have only come to help which they have done by saving Regis. Frankenstein sighs seeing that this is becoming quite a headache. Then Rai speaks and relaxes everyone by saying that it is okay for all of them to stay at his mansion. After that, Rai and Frankenstein leave temporarily.

A gigantic dark passage leads to the inmost depth of the mansion. Rai and Frankenstein walk through it to a temple. That particular temple is Rai's secret hibernating chamber and it only opens in the full moon. Frankenstein wonders if his master wants to go back to hibernation once again but Rai tells he's just going there to check something. It is regarding the reason why the previous Lord has made the place forbidden.


Ragnarok: the previous Lord's soul weapon, left in Rai's chamber.

As they approach the temple door, Rai gestures his ring hand and blood-red aura flows out of him. The door opens. To Frankenstein's utmost surprise, an enormous aura of power radiates from the interior of the temple chamber. It emanates from an ornate sword which he identifies as the Lord's soul weapon which is so powerful that humans think of it as the end of the world. Rai speaks out the sword's name: RAGNAROK. But his expression remains as usual and he finds it a rather troublesome object that the previous Lord has left him.

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