A flashback of Rai's memory shows the time when the previous Lord was alive ~ The Lord is sitting on his throne in front of which Rai is humbly standing; apart from them, Gejutel is also there. The Lord discloses the reason for having summoned Rai by telling Gejutel to give Rai something: a silver box. The Lord then tells Rai to open it and as he obeys, Rai finds two silver crosses lying on red velvet inside the box. After that, the Lord offers Rai to become the next Lord, a proposal at which Gejutel lets out a startle. Rai declines, which startles Gejutel again. The Lord seems to have been expecting the same from Rai and humorously comments on his wise decision. Then trying to follow a certain human tradition, the Lord offers Rai to accept the present as his birthday gift. At this, Rai is greatly touched and takes the present.

Rai finds himself in the present time with the present. Beside him stands Frankenstein, who reports that Regis has gone outside. Regis is actually busy knocking all the guards he can find unconscious.

Meanwhile, Gejutel is locked up in the dungeon. He is visited by the present Lord, Rajak and Rael. The Lord tries to make Gejutel speak up but with no results. So she strides away. Then Rael makes an ironical approach towards Gejutel accusing him for Seira's current position and also mentioning how he could take over the duty of being Seira's guardian. At this, Rajak stops Rael and apologizes to Gejutel on his younger brother's behalf. Gejutel doesn't mind but simply asks Rael about the blonde guy he had reported on. Rael comments he was strong but should not be considered as a concern at all. Gejutel laughs and deduces that Rael and the blonde guy fought each other. He then wonders aloud if Rael's opponent had used his full strength at all, because if he had, Rael would not have been standing there alive.

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