Shinwoo, Ik-Han, Yuna and Suyi notice a lot of differences at the school recently, including the absence of Seira and Regis, the sudden leave of Tao, Takeo and M-21, their out of the way busy Principal and totally absent-minded Rai. The reason is revealed when the scene changes to Frankenstein's place where he has been busy doing full-time experiments on Tao and Takeo to enhance their abilities. M-21 asks why he is not getting the same treatment and receives the reply that his case being different, he only has to enhance his own abilities. Frankenstein also tells him that he and his master will be leaving for a while. Just in case of an emergency, they are allowed to use the safe houses allocated by Frankenstein before. He has left ample information with Tao which will facilitate their living. To M-21's surprise, Frankenstein calls the place their home and tells him that they can stay there.

Later, in the living room, Frankenstein asks why Regis is not going after Seira, knowing that he wants to do so. Regis replies that he cannot do it as it is the Lord's order. However, Frankenstein disagrees, pointing out a technicality and telling Regis that he will drop him on the way, then informs Rai that the preparation for the journey is complete. Rai, then announces that they are going to Lukedonia.

Meanwhile, Seira, having come to the Lord, reports that there has been unknown nobles where they were sent. The Lord, then, reveals to her that Gejutel's report differs to hers and orders her to tell the truth. Totally stunned, Seira keeps her mouth shut, compelling the Lord to send her away. The Lord, then commands Rajak to summon all the clan-leaders.

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