This chapter opens with the trio (Tao, Takeo and M-21) staring at the computer screen, totally bewildered as they look at a large crater created as a result of the fight in the city. Tao gathers information that the people there has evacuated the place for some reason 4 hours ago and so there's no harm done. However, their anxieties lay as to what sort of power could have caused that devastation. Meanwhile, with Seira gone, Regis is out of his wits as he thinks over the recent incident (the fight between Rael and Frankenstein). He ponders how the former Kertia leader could possibly think of passing a soul-weapon to someone like Rael and more importantly, why the Lord has summoned Seira using a seal (this is only used on a clan-leader if there is a significant reason). With so many unanswered questions swirling in the scenario, the author leads us to a much serious scene - Rai, knowing that Frankenstein has enjoyed himself, shares what he knows in an ironic tone. Furthermore, Rai asks if the Dark Spear has tried to consume him again. Frankenstein seems to be in a fix for a moment but then relates to Rai that Rael was the one who made the first attack and Seira could prove his innocence. This rises the reason of Seira's absence and Frankenstein explains what has happened. Hearing that, Rai decides to return and meet the Lord. Frankenstein does not lose time and calls the trio for experiments. They take the opportunity to ask him about the devastation and Frankenstein replies that he and Rael has caused it. He also explains what soul weapons are and concludes that they are not yet powerful enough to take on Rael even without soul weapon. Frankenstein ends it with a sadistic grin, hinting on more experiments to come as the trio looks quite worried.

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