The fight continues between Rael and Frankenstein, as both fighters clash their soul weapons, their energy can be felt all the way back to Frankenstein's home. The fight gets more intense. Both Seira and Regis have put up barriers around them so that they could protect themselves. Seira then realizes that if the fight is going to be continued, the area will end up destroyed. Then Seira decides to take out her death scythe and and use it to prevent Rael and Frankstein fighting. She then asks Regis to use his powers to control the distance of the explosion. As Frankenstein and Rael are going to throw the final blow at each other Seira steps in and stops the fight. Rael resists against this, but Seira threatens that if he continues then she will have to report to the Kertia clan leader about his soul weapon. She then tells Frankenstein that if he continues, his master will not be pleased with his actions. Then Regis asks why Rael is provoking these actions. Rael replies that he is on a mission and it was requested by the Lord that Rael gets Seira to return. Regis says that he will return with them but Rael says that it is unnecessary. Regis protests and Rael says that the Lord has commanded that he should not come with them. Rael then threatens that if Regis says anything about his soul weapon to anyone else, he will kill him. Rael then turns to Frankenstein and tells him that the next time they meet, he will kill Frankenstein. Seira asks Frankenstein to look after Regis while she is gone. After that, both Rael and Seira leaves.

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