Tao, M-21 and Takeo find Rai by himself in the living room. Rai informs them that the others have gone outside. Seira and Regis goes out to find Rael. Seira tells Rael point blank that he's not her type and declines to return with him. Seira tells him that from the start, her decision is final. Regis tells him to give up on bringing Seira back and shows his anger with him for abusing his powers on a humans, an act which is not befitting to a pureblood noble. But Rael shows not the least regret for his action, rather he considers all human filthy and fit for killing. Regis chides Rael for being inelegant and this sets the latter to a fury. Seira protects Regis, bringing out her soul weapon to prove that she's serious. Rael then pulls off a dirty trick: acting that he's withdrawing, he attacks when they let their guards down. However, his attempt fails as he is stopped by Frankenstein.

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