It brings back old memories, hundreds of years ago, when Gejutel and Frankenstein were sitting face-to-face, engaged in conversation. Back then, Frankenstein shared his intention of going to look for his master while hiding himself from the nobles. It wasn't readily approved by Gejutel as Frankenstein was not supposed to leave their sight and going to look for Rai alone hinted that he didn't trust other clan-leaders. Gejutel asked him that if he wanted to disappear, why did he tell Gejutel? Frankenstein had one reply ~ it was because what Gejutel showed in front of his master. Even though they were not in good terms, they hoped to meet again, when Frankenstein finds his master. Time makes them meet. Although Gejutel is amazed that Seira and Regis goes to a school which Frankenstein has put up. He has been suspicious about the possible motif but is relieved to find that Raizel attends the same. He trusts Frankenstein won't dare be irresponsible where Rai is concerned.

Later, Gejutel takes a walk in the school grounds and comes across Tao, Takeo and M-21. Hearing that they've helped Regis, he gives them the option of receiving power. If their blood is absorbed, they'll be reborn with self-consciousness and more power. The trio decline; M-21 says that he has no intention of being influenced by power while Takeo comments that he's content with how he is.

After that, Gejutel visits the classroom and to his surprise, finds a killing machine and orders him to leave immediately. While, the whole class bursts out in laughter hailing the best grandpa, Regis informs Gejutel that the one termed 'killing machine' is actually Mr. Park, a teacher of that school. That leaves Gejutel to wonder just how weird the school is as it's made by none other than Frankenstein.

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