Sleeping for 820 years has deprived Rai of many tidings, some of which is shared by Gejutel now. Frankenstein inquires about the fact that Seira wields the Death Scythe which marks her as the clan leader of the Loyard Clan. Gejutel replies that the Loyard clan leader as well as his son have been killed 100 years ago. It was an outcome after the instability following the previous Lord's entrance to Eternal Sleep 500 years ago. That the previous Lord, who had been around for so long, would go to eternal sleep surprised Rai. Gejutel adds that before the previous Lord went to eternal sleep, he had wished to see Rai.

Meanwhile, the trio wondered about the newcomer's identity. Regis explains that he's the leader of the Landegre Clan and also his grandfather. That brings on the question of who the other two (Rai and Frankenstein) are, seeing as they are known to a noble clan leader. Gejutel interrupts and the trio take their leave. Regis presents the same question to his grandfather who tells him that all will be revealed in due time. Seira wants to know his opinion on whether to trust them. Gejutel asks for their opinion instead and learns that they have put their trust in Rai and Frankenstein. Though he approves of it, he warns them not to really trust Frankenstein.

While having tea, Gejutel creates a misunderstanding regarding the modified humans and the trio leaves. Regis speaks up that they were modified against their will and are far from being power hungry. It's their duty as nobles to respect them. He takes his leave to apologize to the trio. Frankenstein comments Gejutel of being mischievous as he was just testing Regis, having known the truth. Regis, although not an adult, is a noble developing worthy sense of judgement as he has always wished to be like his grandfather.

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