The blind date of previous day brings back old memories. Shinwoo recalls when he first confessed to Yuna about his crush 2 years ago. She was so embarrassed that Shinwoo still can't forgive himself for putting her in that situation. They've grown up like siblings but Shinwoo has cherished special feelings for her. After years, memories have sprung up and are carving complicacy on his feelings and Shinwoo seeks someone for advice. Frankenstein boasts of his popularity, while Tao and Takeo merely avoid talking about the topic and M-21 thinks it's something that a person should hold dear to oneself. Later, Shinwoo and Ikhan meets Seira and Regis. The latter leaves in a hurry for his cleaning chores while Seira remains to tell Shinwoo that it's natural to be attracted and have feelings for someone; to love and be loved ~ it's nothing that should cause worry. Shinwoo returns to his cheerful self and makes a jocular remark. Seira picks up his bag and hands it with a smiling face, making him blush into a shocking red.

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