A blind date has been fixed with four Sae Ha's best looking girls by Ikhan with the help of his elder sister who's an alumnus there. Ikhan, Shinwoo, Regis and Rai will be going; without the latter two having any idea on what it means. Ikhan and Shinwoo wait for the others (Rai and Regis are called at Principal Lee's) at the settled restaurant and the girls arrive after 30 minutes of delay. To keep them engaged until the other two arrive, Shinwoo and Ik-Han keeps chattering about their intimacy with the principal, friendship with the celebrity Im Suyi etc. However, their counterparts don't believe the stories to be true. Just when they are thinking that the lie is going overboard, Im Suyi walks in with Yuna causing a stir among the people. They are here because Regis and Rai don't know the way and has asked them for guidance. Their conversation with Shinwoo and Ik-Han proves that they're really friends and compels the astounded girls to silence. The four Sae Ha girls are further stunned to see two pretty foreigners: Regis and Seira walk in. Suyi and Yuna pull away Seira who has taken a sit with Regis as his guardian, convincing her that only boys are to sit there. After that, Regis rises hinting to the arrival of the remaining person. Rai emerges while all the females in the place behold his breathtaking elegance. After they're all seated, Regis wants to know the reason of the gathering. Ikhan explains that he wanted to introduce them with some friends. As the introduction is made, Regis sees no point of staying and leaves as he has cleaning duties to execute. Rai too, takes leave as it nears dinner time.

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