Takeo has recovered from his injuries sustained from when Dr. Aris drained his energy. He shows to be nervous about what happened to Aris when she took the pills made by Frankenstein. Frankenstein explains that it was because those pills were specially made for Tao and Takeo; Aris taking those naturally produced side-effects. This brings relief. M-21 enters the lab, ready for experiments. Takeo and Tao misread the situation while Frankenstein leaves to make preparations. Takeo thinks that M-21 is being forced to undergo experiments like those of the Union in return for a place to stay and a job. M-21 assures him that he willingly volunteered to do so. When Frankenstein returns, Takeo and Tao tell him that they want to join the said experiment with M-21, showing sympathy. Frankenstein accepts the offer gladly, ushering them into a room to begin the 'serious experiment’ which turns out to be ramen tasting, leaving them shocked.

The next day, Frankenstein is busy with his experiment report. The special security team gains two new members, Tao and Takeo. The children are delighted to see them and welcome them happily.

Meanwhile, the news of Aris' condition reaches the 12th Elder who believes this was caused by Dr. Crombel He becomes even more determined to bring him down, opting to do so by any means necessary.

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