It is revealed that Yuri is actually working for Dr. Crombel. He reports about Dr. Aris' present condition which is that due to the loss of her maximum life force, her body function has decreased along with the malfunctioning of nervous system and he asks what is to be done with her. Dr. Crombel who favors Dr. Aris' talent just for watching her chase after his achievements doesn't care what happens to her body but wants to keep the brain working. He tells Yuri to keep Aris inaccessible to others of the Union and leak out information that she's alright. As for what is to be done of Tao and Takeo; Crombel thinks that their presence should not be revealed. This surprises Yuri but he listens to his superior. He has one last report to make which is about the blonde guy (Frankenstein). According to him, the power that guy used is similar to that of Dr. Crombel. At this, Crombel tells that he's the one who killed Mary and is a source of amusement in his boring life. So, that guy should be kept alive until he has verified some issues. After Yuri leaves, Crombel shows a demeanor glaring in wild joy as for the fact that Yuri has also noticed the likeness.

Meanwhile, Tao is comforting Takeo in the balcony of Frankenstein's house. Takeo thinks he has lost the reason to live. M-21, who has been present there, laughs ironically at this remark. He and his fellow teammates were mere experiments that were kept alive for the sole purpose of experimenting. Each day was like a gift unlike anything to them. Hearing someone say he won't live just because he has lost a sister he never had, seems pathetic to him. At this, Takeo regrets his decision and in the living room, he apologizes to M-21. He asks Frankenstein to check-up his condition: an offer to which Frankenstein gladly agrees.

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