Takeo wonders over what has just happened to Dr. Aris, seeing her fallen body after taking the D pill which was recreated by Frankenstein. Suddenly, Yuri appears on Aris' side, commenting on Tao and Takeo's survival and the way the enemy left no trace of them can only be pulled off up by Tao. Frankenstein finds it remarkable how Yuri has hidden his presence during the battle and Yuri greets the comment with a usual smile telling him that he's quite used to doing that as well as disappearing. Saying this, creates an explosion with a flickering movement of his hand and disappears with Aris while smoke obstructs his opponents vision. As Frankenstein turns, he meets his master who, worried about his servant, has come around personally to see what's going on. Frankenstein apologizes to his master and they head back home where an eager Tao awaits them. M-21 briefly describes what has happened. Tao is astonished to know that Aris pretended to be Takeo's sister. Tao then learns that, in addition to being wounded, Takeo had his life force absorbed as well so he urges his teammate to get treated. However Takeo refuses. Tao asks what happened to Dr. Aris and Yuri and M-21 tells him that they got away. Takeo then switches the topic and tells Tao to trash the pills Frankenstein gave them. He explains to Tao that eating the pill made Aris too powerful but like its creator said, the power left within a short time ~ a very short time.

At the balcony, Rai stands alone with Frankenstein. Apologies are made but Rai knows that his servant must have gone there to obtain something. He is worried that Frankenstein might want to go back to his old ways and makes it clear that he likes the Frankenstein who spends time with children and the current lifestyle. Frankenstein is somewhat hurt that his master still thinks of him that way even after making the school for his master's sake but keeps it to himself.

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