Rai, M-21 and Takeo sense a sudden explosion. Tao directs them to the middle of the town where the explosion occurred. They know it's no ordinary one and must have something to do with Frankenstein so they pace up ahead.

The explosion ends and the smoke clears. Seeing the biobots are no match for Frankenstein, Aris orders Yuri to wipe them out. She talks to Frankenstein as if she were handling a merchandise and uses abusive words hinting that she suspects him to be the murderer of her children (DA-5). Frankenstein can't tolerate her insolent presence anymore and gets serious. He releases dark aura and transforms his left hand. Both Aris and Yuri are surprised to face this new power. Yuri quickly puts up a barrier against the sudden attack of Frankenstein and counteracts with the same. Frankenstein easily blocks that and sarcastically asks if that's all they've got. Saying this, he charges again, this time, to kill.

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