It's time to set out to find Frankenstein and Takeo gets ready, equipped with special guns created by the missing man. M-21 feels a bit uneasy, seeing that the only thing Frankenstein has ever given him is a cell phone. Regis, catching a glimpse of the disappointed look on M-21's face, snaps the chance to start a usual squabble. Tao will be staying behind and so gives communicators to Takeo and M-21. When Tao offers some to Rai, he ignores and rises, clearly hinting it's time to set off. M-21 and Takeo follow.

Meanwhile, Dr. Aris has decided to punish Frankenstein for his disobedience. No matter how much her bodyguard tries, he evades with ease leading Aris to conclude that her new toy is pretty athletic. However, she doesn't take liking to defiant toys and seriously orders her bodyguard to rip the leg off of him. But the guard fails while Frankenstein resolves to step fully out of the room showing further defiance. This time Aris shouts orders to catch her toy alive at any cost; loss of body parts won't matter. However, Frankenstein shows his power at this point, attacking his opponent and leaving him flat on the floor with scars all over the body.

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