Tao has bad news: members of the Union have come to investigate the annihilation of the DA-5. This was expected but the unexpected part is that the ones who have come are no other than Dr. Aris herself and Yuri. According to Tao, Dr. Aris is a well-reckoned, genius scientist but the person who is of more concern is Yuri. He is the man who deals everything efficiently and his ever-smiling, delusive facade triggers an intimidating aura. Furthermore, Tao has found that the CCTVs on the route from the house to the mart are tampered with, which suggests that Frankenstein might have been kidnapped. The shocking news even affects Rai who brings out his cell phone for a prompt action.

Dr. Aris and Yuri deliberate on the problems they have on investigating since all the evidences have been perfectly destroyed. A sudden sound interrupts their conversation as Frankenstein turns out his pocket to see the cell phone. It's a message from his master saying: "Ramen".

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