Yuri makes an offer to Frankenstein of making him a star to which Frankenstein declines. With no other option to capture the 'souvenir' unharmed, Yuri uses gas on him to make him submissive. After the smoke clears, Frankenstein's face contains a fixed gaze and he follows Yuri as if he were hypnotized. In other words, Frankenstein has just been kidnapped!

When Yuri brings back the promised souvenir, Dr. Aris is very pleased to see such a handsome one. It is shown that she highly adores her new toy and bursts into excitement upon which experiment to conduct on him.

Back at the house, Takeo and M-21 converse on the balcony under the night sky. Takeo asks M-21 if the homeowner is letting him stay there in exchange of information on the Union. M-21's negative reply brings up the question whether they're trustworthy. To this, M-21 is unsure why but it was his comrade, M-24, who told him to trust them, and ever since he has done that, he has experienced feelings that are precious ~ like having friends, and lively moments with the children. There seems no reason not to trust them. Rather, M-21 worries about Dr. Crombel's intention as Crombel did not inform the Union about him as a traitor. Takeo also finds it surprising. His last question is why M-21 asked the homeowner to let him and Tao stay. M-21 thinks that they're alike: being treated as experiments, considered fit to be thrown away anytime, and so they should stick together. M-21 informs Takeo that if he is to stay he should never make a mess because "someone" doesn't tolerate messes.

It's getting late and 4 hours have passed since Frankenstein has left for grocery shopping. Tao doesn't see it necessary to worry as he is not accustomed to the ways of the household, but M-21, who's used to the ways of the people there, finds it odd for Frankenstein to stay away this long without notifying any one of them. At this, Tao suggests a possible incident: Frankenstein might be captured. The whole household is in a stupor for a moment after which they recall the nature of the person assumed to be kidnapped and find it highly unlikely. Even Rai wears an expression befitted to express that he finds them rather crazy to even think of such a thing to happen.

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