Tao and Takeo pay a visit to Frankenstein's underground lab and find it unlike anything that they've imagined. Tao even thinks that the place is perfect for executing human modification. Rai has come as well and Frankenstein places a chair for his master, giving him cookies to taste. While Rai enjoys the delicacy, Frankenstein hands two pills each to Tao and Takeo. He has found out that the original D pills that they had been using, enhanced their power by sucking up their life force. The side effects of those would have broken down their cells rapidly within 3-4 years. So, he has come up with modified D pills, eliminating the side-effects (and on a side-note,he made them strawberry-flavored). Tao and Takeo wonder who exactly Frankenstein is, creating such things without much effort. At this, Frankenstein explains who he is, already growing an intimidating aura: he is a man with thirst for knowledge, something that he has pursued for years too old to count. While he keeps on describing his dream pursuit, the others feign listening and Rai keeps on tasting his cookie treats.

Later that evening, Yuri spots a handsome man, whom he believes to be suited to serve as Dr. Aris' souvenir.. He sends an image to Aris for affirmation and she does so readily. The handsome souvenir is none other than Frankenstein who meets Yuri on his way from the mart.

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