Dr. Aris and Yuri arrive at the scene of battle where the DA-5 were annihilated. They've found remaining of body cells from every member as proof to a complete annihilation. The thing that concerns them is a big crater at the middle of the battle arena. They assume that the opponents who fought against DA-5 are extremely powerful. Dr. Aris guesses that it must have been Dr. Crombel's member since she abhors Crombel so much. Her despise is revealed with her frequent use of abusive words.

At Frankenstein's lab, after thorough check-up and confirmation that M-21's stabilizing; Frankenstein discloses his discovery about M-21. He has found out that M-21 is no ordinary modified human being a cocktail of enhancements but is modified very simply. Even more surprisingly, the operation was an organ transplant from a very powerful creature. M-21 wonders if it could be of a noblesse since they're powerful enough. But Frankenstein tells him that there are beings other than noblesse that are powerful. M-21 recalls his full transformation and Rai's words back then, and with a jolt he realizes the being is a Werewolf! Frankenstein elaborates that werewolves are powerful beings like nobles but without the ability of mind control, they have to hide themselves and so little is known about them. Seeing that Crombel has gone through the length of finding a werewolf and placing one of its organs into M-21 proves his skill. Furthermore, Frankenstein discloses that it isn't just any ordinary organ, but it is the werewolf's heart!

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