Takeo wakes up and is surprised to find himself in an unfamiliar room. After inquiring M-21, who has been in the bed next to his, he learns that it's the place where M-21 stays and Tao brought him here. The children are safe and Krantz and Shark were defeated. When Takeo hears it was not the blonde guy who defeated them, he wonders who else could do so. M-21 tells him to ask for details from Tao who, unlike them, has been chattering non-stop. The two of them walk into the dining room and notice Tao complimenting Seira for the dishes, intriguing a spark of interest in Frankenstein's eyes as he compliments on his exquisite ramen. Takeo is quite astonished to see Tao in such an enthusiastic and eloquent manner. When Tao notices them, he relates to Takeo that he was brought to treat the wounds and received help from Rai and Frankenstein. Takeo thanks them and tells Tao that they should withdraw. But Tao disagrees with him and explains the fact that Krantz absorbed Shark which proves that they were created as nutrition for Krantz only, and so he has no intention of going back to the Union where they'll definitely not be welcome. Tao assures that he can perfectly clear their trace so that the Union will conclude that they died. He also announces that he will also look for Takeo's sister. Furthermore, Tao tells M-21 that he has found out that Dr. Crombel has recently destroyed all data regarding the M-series. This comes as shocking news and M-21 wonders what Crombel is up to. However, it's time to say goodbye to Tao and Takeo as they get ready to go, unwilling to cause more trouble to people they're already indebted to. However, M-21 stops them and requests Frankenstein to let them stay as they're just like him ~ used and discarded. Frankenstein replies that it'll be as M-21 has wished 'cause this place is M-21's home too.

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