It's time for some explanation and Tao does his best to explain to the children about what has happened during the last incident. What Shinwoo and others have observed throughout the incidence, was the clash of superhuman powers. They misunderstand Regis and Seira to be vampires sucking human blood but Tao corrects them and discloses that they are actually nobles. When asked about himself, he terms himself as modified human or rather, monster created by experiments. The children ask Tao as to the identity of Rai but this, he cannot answer as he's unsure himself. Then Frankenstein comes and is asked by the children if the ajussis (M-21 and Takeo) are alright. He assures them that they're recovering. After that, to the surprise of the children, he reveals that Shinwoo, Ikhan and Yuna had undergone similar experience like the recent incident before. He also tells them that the reason they don't remember it is because their memories have been erased. They cannot believe their ears but Regis explains that the existence of nobles should be kept secret and also for the children's safety all such memory require erasing. Tao supports Regis by adding that if the Union comes to know about this, they'll adopt cruel extents to get every scrap of information from the children now that they know their friends' identity. Hearing this, Shinwoo, Ikhan, Yuna and Suyi cannot help being sad that they won't remember Regis and M-21 risking their lives for them and most importantly, Rai, who has saved all of them. The children know it isn't right to forget what had been done to save them. At this, Rai speaks up and tells that they didn't do all those things in order to be remembered but they did as they had wished.

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