M-21 finds himself gliding in nothingness, ready to meet death. He has done all he could to save the children and that gives meaning to his coming death. However, he beholds Rai in front of him. Rai speaks out clearly: "Open your eyes" and suddenly M-21 awakens to find himself back amongst the children who burst into tears of joy seeing their amuse alive. M-21 wonders how he could still be alive after receiving those fatal injuries and about the man whom he has heard speaking to him. As Regis and Tao wonders about the same person, Frankenstein and Seira arrive. Frankenstein takes a look at M-21's wounds and finds it wonderful that such injuries beyond his normal recuperative ability are starting to heal. Finding that M-21 has gone to such extremes in order to protect the children, he appreciates it. M-21 gives a modest reply that he did what he was supposed to do. Frankenstein tells everyone to evacuate the area; Yuna, Suyi and Ikhan hauls up Shinwoo while M-21 is left in Seira's charge. Tao is told to bring his comrade who's lying on a rooftop of a nearby building.

After everyone leaves, Frankenstein stays back with Rai. Rai's hand shows traces of blood after wiping his mouth! Frankenstein is horrified to see that. Using such amount of power has weakened Rai but he assures Frankenstein that it's nothing to worry about. As Frankenstein thinks how everything about his master's feelings for humans still remain unchanged, Rai comments him that he too is unchanged ~ doing whatever pleases him. But he believes if Frankenstein has disobeyed his orders, he must have good reasons for it. And so, the master and servant leave for home.

Blood from Rai's mouth remains on his hand after wiping

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