The battle between Frankenstein and Takeo intensifies due to the latter's use of D. Frankenstein considers removing his seal but remembers he cannot do it without his master's order. It was his master who had sealed his powers hundreds of years ago when he was found experimenting in secret, using lives as sacrifice. But Takeo discloses his intention of annihilating Rai which provokes Frankenstein to break his oath to Rai. The removal of the seal releases dark aura from him. This time, Takeo stands no chance and is punctured with Frankenstein's spears in no time.

Meanwhile, Rai has reached before the estimated time predicted by Tao. Shark gets annoyed as he asks hoards of questions to the newcomer who does not make a single reply. Regis stands up against Shark to protect Rai, who's supposed to be an ordinary human but gets thrown again. Suddenly, Krantz, Shark and Tao are rendered immobile. Regis senses that the power is coming from none other than Rai. Rai speaks out to his opponents that he hasn't given them permission to move making them realize the true power of mind control. Shark suddenly clutches his own throat and falls to his knees in front of Rai who turns to Shark and says:

"Neither did I give you permission to breathe."

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