M-21 transforms his hands in order to take his chances against Shark who as well as others is taken aback at this skill of someone they thought to be a low ranking agent. M-21 attacks fast knowing that this transformation won't last long. Shark, unable to tolerate humiliation anymore, attacks to kill with Krantz's order. M-21 takes a direct hit to protect the children as they would've got killed had he evaded that blow. Shark doesn't pause and attacks like a fanatic while M-21 feels his strength fading away. The transformation reaches its limit and he turns to normal. Just then Shark aims another fatal blow. With strong resolution to shield the children, M-21 faces it head on and collapses, bleeding profusely. This time Regis gets up and M-21 complaints that Regis has taken too long as he had got the cuffs off him much ago and was buying time for him to recover. Regis apologizes to M-21 for being slow at recovering and takes over the battle room there on.

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