Hammer and Shark have called the rest of the DA-5 to see their success in capturing Regis and the rest of the group. Tao, Takeo, and M-21 are shocked when they see the kids captured and wonder what they are doing there. Shark explains that Regis is the "noblesse" whom they were having problems with and that the kids—who are coincidentally the same kids that Tao and Takeo met with—were used as hostage. Takeo becomes angry that Shark would kill the children simply because they had contact with him. Shark claims that this has always been going on whenever Takeo would make contact with civilians in any way. Takeo prepares to attack but is stopped by Krantz who claims that he authorized Shark's actions. Takeo leaves the room frustrated. Krantz wonders why the children are captured and not killed, and Shark says that he still has a use for them. He then begins to interrogate M-21 about his relationship with Regis. M-21 claims that there is no relationship, and the children begin to wake up.

At Frankenstein's house, Seira explains that her connection with Regis has been lost. She explains that the connection makes them both aware of each other's presence and works up to a certain distance; for it to be suddenly lost means that Regis is either unconscious or dead. Seira, then leaves to go look for Regis and wishes Frankenstein and Rai a good meal. Frankenstein then realizes that the other children were with Regis and may have gotten involved in all this mess. At this, Rai becomes very upset as shown by his face.

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