Hammer says that earlier it was a guess but seeing Regis with the children again confirms that they are actually related. Shark complains that a noblesse wouldn't care about some random brats but Hammer says that they can check that now. Regis is glad that the children are only unconscious and thinks that he should have done something about them beforehand. Regis states that it’s very like of scum like them to take children as hostages, to which Hammer replies that it is embarrassing, so he can just kill them and start the fight again. Seeing Regis stop fighting, Shark is surprised that such a common trick is working against a noblesse that easily defeated him.

Hammer gives Shark special handcuffs to tie Regis's hands. Shark tells Regis that he won't be able to break from those cuffs as they are made for enhanced humans. When Regis tells them to let the children go, Shark arrogantly starts punching him. Regis releases his powers but restraints himself to prevent children from being injured. Shark continues beating him but gets scared when none of his punches or kicks even budges Regis. Unable to force any damage, he hits Regis at the back of his neck to make him unconscious.

At Frankenstein's house, Frankenstein is giving Seira and Rai a teaching lesson. He praises Seira for being able to learn to cook so many dishes in such a small time. He feels glad that Seira can cook for his master in his absence. While he is wondering where everyone is left, Seira suddenly feels something. When asked, she tells Rai and Frankenstein that he connection with Regis is gone.

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